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Publication date: January 13 2008

Glenn Nielsen, Chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party

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Interview with Missouri Libertarian Party Chairman Glenn Neilsen

Interview with Missouri Libertarian Party Chairman Glenn Neilsen

When Missourians head to the polls this November for the general election, voters will have more than just two choices when it comes to candidates for many offices being elected.

That is because the state recognizes three "established" political parties, with the Libertarian Party being the third. In this weeks interview that groups chairman, Glenn Neilsen of Columbia, discusses the upcoming elections, some of todays top issues and the "Ron Paul Revolution" that is affecting the Libertarian Party.

While Republicans and Democrats debate the level of involvement the state should have in health care, Neilsen calls for the government to take the opposite approach, saying "government has become too involved in health care". Neilsen blames excessive regulations for the rising costs that drive health care out of reach more many people.

Nielsen also takes aim at a bill filed in the House of Representatives, HB 1407 filed by Republican Bill Deeken, that would restrict the petitioning process, saying it would have a "stifling effect" on third parties trying to get on the ballot and on citizen initiative efforts in the state.

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