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Publication date: January 19 2008

Jacob Turk, GOP candidate for US Congress 5th district

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Interview with Republican Congressional Candidate Jacob Turk (5th District)

Interview with Republican Congressional Candidate Jacob Turk (5th District)

In the first of our 2008 series of interviews with incumbents and candidates in the races for statewide and federal offices, Jacob Turk discusses some of todays top issues.

Turk was the Republican nominee in Missouris 5th District Congressional race in 2006 and is now making his second run for the seat held by Emanuel Cleaver.

During the interview, Mr. Turk explains why he feels the economy is stronger than some pundits claim. He also discusses why he supports President Bushs newly announced "tax rebate" plan to stimulate the economy, saying "when you give the folks their money back, the economy takes off". Turk also talks about his support for continuing the war in Iraq.

To learn more about Jacob Turk and his campaign, visit

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