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Publication date: January 26 2008

Mike Talboy, State Rep. 37th district Missouri

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Interview with Missouri State Representative Mike Talboy (D-37)

Interview with Missouri State Representative Mike Talboy (D-37)

Health care, short-term lending and personal privacy are among the topics in this weeks featured interview.

State Representative Mike Talboy, a Democrat from Kansas City, describes his vision for health care during the interview, saying "the states role in health care should be providing and making sure we have access [to medical care] to those who need it."

Talboy also explains why he is supporting two bills that would tighten regulations on short-term lenders. One, House Bill 1402, focuses on businesses commonly known as payday loan lenders. The other, House Bill 1509, targets car title loan lenders. Both bills would cap the interest that could be charged and would add regulations on the terms of the loans that are offered in Missouri.

The first-term Representative assesses the redevelopment of Downtown Kansas City and makes his case for why the state should be involved in financially supporting the efforts.

Talboy also takes on one federal issue: the Real ID Act. He opposes the plan and is supporting legislation that would mandate that Missouri refuse compliance with the federal Act.

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