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Publication date: February 03 2008

Henry Stoever, opposing south KC plant relocation

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Interview with PeaceWorks Kansas Citys Henry Stoever

Interview with PeaceWorks Kansas Citys Henry Stoever

Nuclear weapons, in addition to being the center of national and international controversy, have a large economic impact on the Kansas City area.

The Honeywell Kansas City Plant manufactures most of the parts that go into Americas nuclear weapons. The plant makes only non-nuclear parts. In doing so, the plant employs over 2,400 people with an annual payroll that exceeds $275 million.

The manufacturing facility is currently located at the Federal Complex on Bannister Road in south Kansas City. The federal government is moving forward with plans to build a new plant on undeveloped land less than ten miles away (still in south Kansas City).

This weeks guest represents PeaceWorks Kansas City, which opposes the move. Henry Stoever Mr. Stoever is an attorney who also sits on the groups committee that is working to fight the new plants construction.

Saying the groups is "asking them to be environmentally responsible and accountable for the contamination that is already at the [current] site" Stoever explains some of the objections the group has to the plans. The objections include disputing the accuracy and process of the governments Environmental Impact study for the new location, the cost of the construction, the cost of the cleanup of the current plant and worries that the current Federal Complex is being abandoned.

You can learn more about the group at and more about the Kansas City Plant at

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