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Publication date: February 11 2009

Author Matt Chaney Discusses Missouris Stadium Funding

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Public Funding and Incentives for Professional Sports: A Home Run or a Strikeout for Taxpayers?

Author Matt Chaney Discusses Missouris Stadium Funding

(Grandview, MO) Missourians love to cheer for our teams. We like filling up pro sports stadiums, especially in Kansas City and St. Louis but should we also love the public funding and tax incentives that helped put them there?

The most recent controversy came late last year when the Missouri Development Finance Board approved $25 million in tax credits for the Kansas City Chiefs in order to bring the teams pre-season training camp back to Missouri. The team will start holding the training camp in St. Joseph before the 2010 season. The Chiefs currently go to Wisconsin for the pre-season.

Both tax incentives and voter-approved sales tax money are being used to renovate Kansas Citys Kauffman and Arrowhead Stadiums.

Missouri journalist, lecturer, former Southeast Missouri State football player and author Matt Chaney says these, and every proposal like them, are a raw deal for the public.

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Calling public funding of pro sports stadiums in hopes of creating economic development an outdated idea thats basically been debunked by independent economists nationwide Chaney, who is a contributor to sports programs on ESPN and HBO on occasion, says the approach takes away money from more appropriate needs and does not benefit the public at large.

In the interview, Chaney discusses the tactic of professional sports franchises threatening to move unless they receive publicly funded facilities and Kansas Citys failure to bring an NBA or NHL team to the Sprint Center.

Chaney, who once used anabolic steroids as a college athlete, also discusses the proliferation of muscle drug abuse in both amateur and professional sports, the problems they cause and the public obsession with sports that often fuels the abuse.

Learn more about Matt Chaney and his new book Spiral of Denial at

In addition to the interview with Chaney, a new commentary is available at the website from Shamed Dogan. In the first edition of Right Said Shamed, the St. Louis-area conservative who is a former staff member of then-US Senator Jim Talent, addresses the need and challenges the Republican Party faces in growing its base to include ethnic minorities. Learn more about Shamed at his blog site:

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