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Publication date: February 12 2012

Clearview 2012 - Ingoldsby VDay Nutrition

Remember Your Health While Indulging Your Sweet Tooth

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Remember Your Health While Indulging Your Sweet Tooth

Nutrition Expert Doug Ingoldsby Has Valentines Day Advice

Your sweethearts sweet tooth will probably be happy this week Valentines Day is one of the biggest days of chocolate consumption each year.

That gift may have a long-lasting impact, though, since the sweeteners used in most chocolate are harder for your body to burn off than natural sugars are. Doug Ingoldsby is known as The Vitamin Professor and hes using Valentines Day as a way to tempt you into evaluating your nutrition and overall health.

Americas sugar habit and our increasing obesity are leading to higher rates of Type II Diabetes, heart disease and other avoidable heath problems.

Ingoldsby has some simple suggestions for getting healthier, and it starts with what we eat every day.

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This Clear View program originally aired on KCLR-FM (Clear 99) in mid-Missouri on Sunday, February 12th.

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