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Publication date: February 15 2009

State Rep. Jonas Hughes: Time to Consider New Ideas for Kansas City Schools

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State Rep. Jonas Hughes: Its Time to Consider New Ideas for Kansas City Schools

Third-Term Democratic says changing to an appointed governing board should be discussed and considered. Health care and economic development also addressed on Missouri Viewpoints

(Grandview, MO) Weve got kids not falling through cracks but giant chasms

Thats how Missouri State Representative Jonas Hughes (D-42nd District) describes the state of public education in the Kansas City School District and he says the city and state should start considering new ideas for running the system.

Among those ideas he wants considered is changing the School Board to being appointed instead of elected. Hughes says Kansas City could look at the Chicago public schools as a model for appointed school governance.

Citing mind blowing rates of inadequate reading proficiency of Kansas City public school students, Rep. Hughes calls for his and other ideas to be considered for dramatic changes in how the school system operates. He says We have to be talking about ideas in order to improve the quality of education in the city.

Other issues addressed in the interview include his support for universal health care in Missouri. Rep. Hughes is proposing that Missourians pay directly into a state system, possibly directly from their paychecks, instead of paying a private insurer: Were not asking for more money, were just asking for this money to be diverted to universal health care.

Hughes says this could lead to lower costs for everyone and wants health care to be government-run because, he says, private health care is beginning to price ordinary people out

Regarding economic development, making Missouri a national and international shipping hub is among the opportunities Hughes wants pursued because of the states geographic location and access to highway, rail, air and river-based shipping options.

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Hughes also recommends the following blog for updates on school reform efforts in Kansas City:

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