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Publication date: February 18 2008

Interview with Bill Eckhardt, judicial reform proponent

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Interview with Professor Bill Eckhardt, Judicial Reform Proponent

The debate over how judges are selected to the bench has the "Missouri Plan" on trial right now and one side presents its case on "Missouri Viewpoints".

One of the leading proponents of making changes to the system, Professor Bill Eckhardt, calls the "Missouri Plan" the state's "gift to governance" that we should be proud of but also says the nearly 70-year-old system is in need of reform and updating.

Eckhardt, a 30-year veteran of the Army's JAG Corps who is now a teaching Professor at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, calls for the Legislature to be more involved in the process of selecting judges by means of a bi-partisan commission that he hopes will replace the commission that is in place now.

Professor Eckhardt addresses his concerns with both the system the state uses for both selection and retention of judges.

More information about the effort to reform Missouri's judge selection process can be found at

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