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Publication date: February 19 2009

Mike Russo from the Missouri branch of Fathers for Justice

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Caught in the Middle: Children of Divorced Parents

Fathers for Justices Mike Russo says family courts are unfair to many dads

(Grandview, MO) This is a parents and childrens issue, not just a fathers issue.

That is how Mike Russo from the Missouri branch of Fathers for Justice sees the issue of child custody and child support.

Russo says the family court system in Missouri and across the country needs to be changed. He and the activist organization want divorced (or otherwise separated) parents to have equal parenting time as a rule, as opposed to the typical custodial/non custodial parenting plans generally in place now.

Referring to money from the federal government intended for the family court system in the states, Russo says the government is destroying families for profit, harming children in the process.

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Russo also says the system of child support is unfair. Explaining his opposition to formula-based child support awarded to custodial parents, Russo says right now, you reward one parent for taking children away from the other parent and adds Child support is what I do when my children are with me.

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