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Publication date: February 22 2009

Yours, Mine and Ours: What is at Stake for Blended Families

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Yours, Mine and Ours: Whats at Stake for Blended Families, Their Communities and Society?

Dan & Rebecca Snell discuss how blended families can become bonded families through preparation and faith.


(Grandview, MO) Its is quite amazing how God can, literally, guide you says Rebecca Snell who, along with her husband Dan, is one of Americas pioneers in the field of helping parents and children adjust to life after blending families.

Dan and Rebecca Snell lead the Kansas City-based Bonded Family workshop seminars which are increasingly in demand as both the divorce rate and frequency of step-families increase each year. In fact, studies indicate that by 2010 the most common household makeup will be those involving step-parents and step-child(ren). By some estimates, there are 23 million such families in America now.

While the Snells, whose own blended family was formed twelve years ago, credit their familys success on their Christian faith they say the changing demographics affect everyone. Dan Snell, a former Shawnee, Kansas, City Councilman, says we need to have a partnership with the private sectorwe need to have partnerships with government at some level [and] with churches and other organizations to stop what he calls the fracture of the family.

The cost of divorce in America is now over $110 million per year and, with second marriages failing at a higher rate than first marriages, the economic cost rivals that of the cultural cost.

According to Dan Snell, nothing less than the future of our nation is really at stake and help for blended/step-families are crucial so our tomorrows are better and brighter than today.

During the interview, both Dan and Rebecca Snell offer specific advice on how people can prepare themselves and their children for the changes and challenges that come with a post-divorce marriage and resulting blended family.

You can learn more about Dan and Rebecca Snell and The Bonded Family seminars at

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