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Publication date: February 26 2009

Faith Based Political Campaigning

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Faith Based Political Campaigning

Former Missouri State Rep. Vicky Hartzler wants Christians to run for office Gods Way

(Grandview, MO) Theres a need for good people to get involved in office and run [at] all levels.

For six years, Vicky Hartzler, a Republican, represented the people of south Cass County in the Missouri House of Representatives. For her, the decision to run for office was a matter of faith and she says more Christians should not only consider running for office but should think of the campaign and serving in an elected capacity as faith-based calling.

Hartzlers book, Running Gods Way, outlines her journey to the campaign trail (and, ultimately, to the state House of Representatives) and provides a guide for running a campaign based on Biblical principles. Running Gods Way was featured as one of Politics magazines features Quick Picks book recommendations in November.

Vicky Hartzler remains active in conservative and Republican politics and says the Bible provides time tested campaign advice and strategies. She refers to Absolom, one of the sons of King David (see 2 Samuel, chapters 3, 13, 14 and 15 for reference) as an example of campaign principles on display in the Christian Scriptures.

When asked about the ongoing debate over religion in politics, Hartzler says faith is a part of who most people are and should be a part of public policy; The standard of Gods Word is the best standard you can haveIts the wise public policy we need.

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