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Publication date: March 01 2009

Stimulus Spending: Not as Simple as it Seems

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Stimulus Spending: Not as Simple as it Seems

State Rep. Jeff Grisamore Discusses Federal Stimulus Money, Insurance Coverage for Autism Victims and Changing the Rules for Petitioning in Missouri

(Grandview, MO) President Barack Obamas stimulus money should shore up Missouris budget problems and fund both infrastructure and social programs, right?

Not necessarily, according to State Representative Jeff Grisamore (R-Lees Summit). Grisamore, the 47th Districts second-term representative, says handling the federal money is not as simple as you might think; We dont want to necessarily spend hundreds of millions or billions on expanding social service programs and then, in a year or two when the stimulus money is gone, we have to either drastically cut that money back, the services back or we have to go into a huge deficit or raise taxes.

The self-described Reagan Republican also expressed concerns with parts of the stimulus plan that, he says, would require additional spending from state revenues as part of accepting the money.

Grisamore says he supports tax cuts as a remedy for the sagging economy and takes issue with Governor Nixons recent comments in a C-SPAN interview that addressed paying off debt created by the stimulus plan over the course of future generations.

Health care was also discussed in the interview. Calling Democratic claims that Republicans have thrown tens or even hundreds of thousands of children and others off the states health care system false statements, Grisamore says he supports a state system that focuses on the most vulnerable in the state and does not give what he calls a free ride to those who can afford their own premiums.

Another health care issue Rep. Grisamore addressed is state law regarding insurance coverage of children with Autism. He wants to mandate that insurance companies cover the diagnosis process and treatment of the disorder for children and says Autism issues are an emerging civil rights issue of our day.

New restrictions on those petitioning to get referendums and amendment to the state constitution on the ballot could be imposed if a bill Rep. Grisamore is co-sponsoring (HB 228) is passed and signed into law. That bill, along with overall election reform, is also discussed in the interview.

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