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Publication date: March 03 2008

State Rep. Charlie Norr (D-137th)

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Interview with State Rep

Interview with State Rep. Charlie Norr (D-137)

For the first time, “Missouri Viewpoints” has left the Kansas City area to record interviews. The programs for March are being taped in Springfield.

This week’s interview is with State Representative Charlie Norr, a Democrat from Springfield who represents the 137th District.

Rep. Norr discussed his desire to see the state restore a system that provides state health care coverage to those who were affected by the 2005 reforms that resulted in the Missouri HealthNet program replacing Medicaid. Rep. Norr states that the state is forgoing a billion dollars in federal matching funds under the current system and calls for the repeal of selected state tax credits to pay for the increase in health coverage.

Among the other issues discussed are illegal immigration and efforts to provide taxpayers with property tax relief. Rep. Norr states “We must do something about the rising taxes in the state of Missouri…”

Norr also explains his support for a bill that would, if enacted, replace the current system of voting with Instant Runoff Voting – a process where voters select their first and second choices on the ballot.

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