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Publication date: March 10 2008

Shane Schoeller, Missouri State Rep. district 139

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Interview with State Rep

Interview with State Rep. Shane Schoeller (R-139)

In the second “Missouri Viewpoints” interview in our series from Springfield, Republican State Representative Shane Schoeller discusses health care, taxes and biofuels.

Schoeller, who represents part of Springfield and northern Greene County, says he likes the overall idea of Governor Blunt’s Insure Missouri Plan, but wants to see more privatization of health care, saying the plan “…doesn’t go to the private market enough.”

Taxes are also on the agenda for discussion, with Rep. Schoeller calling for the state to eliminate the current income tax system an replace it with a sales tax that is modeled after the “Fair Tax” proposal.

House Bill 2112 would make that change if enacted. Schoeller says the plan would be more fair to taxpayers and would help the state’s economy by providing a better environment in which to recruit mid-sized companies into Missouri.

Representative Schoeller also expressed some concerns over the state’s current approach to encouraging the production and use of alternative fuels, saying that he wants to see incentives for more than just corn-based ethanol.

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