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Publication date: March 12 2009

Radical, Responsible Mothering--The Mothers Institute

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Radical, Responsible Mothering

The Mothers Institutes Patty Tweedle Says Stay at Home Mothering, Homeschooling and Unschooling Deserve Consideration and Advocates.

(Grandview, MO) If mama aint happyaint nobody happy goes the old, comedic quote that has been around so much and so long that no one really knows who first said it. One group of mothers is not happy with some elements of our society and have decided to take a non-traditional approach to do something about it.

In a new Missouri Viewpoints Interview, Patty Tweedle describes what The Mothers Institute and its related organization, Mothers for Liberty, wants to teach both moms and children about the ideals of freedom [and] responsibility.

The Mothers Institute is a social networking, resource sharing and support organization that hopes to grow into a politically active group.

The libertarian-leaning organization advocates stay at home mothering, homeschooling and what they call unschooling as ways to better prepare children to maximize their potential by rejecting a traditional approach to education.

In the interview, unschooling is described as a way of education through a mentoring approach as opposed to the standard, formal school system most children attend now. Tweedle says this approach allows parents to tap into their childrens natural talents and interests and use those to guide the education development.

Tweedle says this approach, while certain to be controversial, will allow todays generation to rear that next generation of liberty-minded, grounded citizens.

You can learn more about both The Mothers Institute and Mothers for Liberty at

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