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Publication date: March 27 2008

Teddy Fleck--Libertarian candidate for MO Lt. Governor

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Former Lt. Governor Candidate Interviews Current Lt. Governor Candidate

This November, Missourians will again have at least three choices for most statewide offices. This week, one of the "other" candidates explains why he thinks voters should look past party label when casting ballots.

Teddy Fleck is the Libertarian Party candidate for Missouri Lieutenant Governor and faces no opposition in the August primary.

This interview is somewhat unusual because the candidate is being interviewed by the person who sought the office he's now running for (host Mike Ferguson was the LP nominee for Missouri Lt. Governor in 2004).

Fleck, who says he is the "working man" candidate, explains his opposition to the National Animal Identification System and his support for the effort to tighten the law pertaining to the use of eminent domain in the state.

Toll roads are also discussed in the interview. Fleck, an over the road truck driver, adamantly opposes proposals to make some Missouri highways, saying the idea amounts to "double taxation" and would lead to higher costs of goods for Missouri consumers.

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