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Publication date: April 07 2008

Libertarian Presidential candidate Christine Smith

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Untitled Document Interview with Libertarian Presidential Hopeful Christine Smith

An activist, author and award-winning humanitarian is the guest on the newest "Missouri Viewpoints". She also happens to be running for our nation's top job.

Christine Smith is a Libertarian from Colorado, and she's campaigning for the White House. She discusses her campaign and some of the issues in the news during the program, which is the second in a three part series of interviews with Libertarian Presidential hopefuls.

Saying she wants to be the person that helps the Libertarian Party reach out to women and minorities, Smith feels that many Americans are fed up with the two major parties and are ready to change their thinking about politics. Smith says she wants to give voters "...a real, viable alternative" to career politicians at the ballot booth this coming November.

During the interview, Smith takes a swing at some of her rivals for the nomination when she calls for the Libertarian delegates to next month's National Convention to support her because she feels the majority of the current candidates "are not libertarians".

Smith also discusses her views on the current US foreign policy, health care and our economy.

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Mike Ferguson

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