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Publication date: April 09 2008

Sen. Mike Gravel--candidate for LP Presidential nomination

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Interview with Former US Senator and Current Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel

Wrapping up a series of three interviews with Libertarian Presidential candidates, former Senator Mike Gravel is featured on the newest "Missouri Viewpoints".

Sen. Gravel served the State of Alaska in the Senate from 1969 to 1981 and was in the state legislature before that. Earlier this year, Gravel changed his party affiliation to Libertarian after running on the Democratic ticket for\ several months. Gravel says that the party switch was like "getting a weight off [his] shoulders" and that the Libertarian Party is the right fit for him because it " closer to the views of the American people then the Democrats or Republicans."

The Senator takes aim at the Democratic party in particular, accusing it's leading contenders for the Presidency and the party leadership in general of "setting us up to go to war with Iran". He doesn't let the Republican Party off the hook, either, because of the multiple military operations US troops are engaged in throughout the world.

Regarding domestic issues, Gravel says the fundamental changes in economic policy should start with moving America from a "consuming nation" with a negative savings rate to a "saving nation" where individuals build wealth.

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Mike Ferguson

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