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Publication date: April 14 2008

Interview with Congressional Candidate Kevin Craig (LP-7th District)

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Interview with Congressional Candidate Kevin Craig (LP-7th District)

"Liberty, Under God" is the theme for Kevin Craig's current run for the United States' House of Representatives.

Craig, a Libertarian from Greene County, is among the challengers for Roy Blunt's Seventh District seat.

While acknowledging thee fact that he will most likely not be elected to Congress, Craig says he offers voters a choice to send a message to Washington and to the major parties. Saying we "..are in danger of losing the America that America's Founding Fathers gave us", the candidate laments the growth of government intrusion into the personal and economic lives of Americans.

Taking particular aim at international agreements, like NAFTA, Craig says the US has entered into arrangements that are not truly free trade, but "managed trade" that puts America's interests at risk by making US law subservient to international trade courts.

Regarding the war in Iraq, Craig calls the current US foreign policy one of being a "world bully" that has created "...a fertile recruiting ground for terrorists."

You can learn more about Kevin Craig and his campaign at

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