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Publication date: May 18 2012

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Ed Martin Takes on Chris Koster, Hopes to Take on Uncle Sam

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Ed Martin Takes on Chris Koster, Hopes to Take on Uncle Sam


Hes outspoken, hes very conservative and he wants to be your next Missouri Attorney General.

Ed Martin says a good Attorney General keeps one eye on Missouri and one on Washington, DC to enforce state law while protecting the state from what he calls unconstitutional overreach of the federal government.

Martin, in particular, takes issue with what he feels is current Attorney General Chris Kosters (D) lack of effort in representing the will of Missourians when it comes to the federal health care law commonly known as ObamaCare.

Twenty-five states have officially joined the legal challenge to that law. Missouri is not one of them, although Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder leads a private lawsuit against it.

In this interview, Martin discusses the role of Attorney General in the state and why hes against a potential federal government effort to equate same-sex marriage with traditional marriage as a matter of national law.

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