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Publication date: August 20 2009

Health Care in America: What is at Stake for Missouri?

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Health Care in America: Whats at Stake for Missouri?

Author of new, non-partisan economic study explains the push to get government out of health care.

The debate over health care legislation in our country right now has reached a point where some feel the debate has been replaced with partisan emotions. What are the facts about the cost and access to health care?

The Show Me Institute partnered with Arduin, Laffer and Moore Econometrics to produce a non-partisan study of how the health care legislation that is being debated in Congress would affect Missouri specifically.

The results of that study can be found at the following link:

Donna Arduin, the author of the study and report, is this weeks guest on Missouri Viewpoints. She is a partner with Arduin, Laffer and Moore and has served as an economic advisor to four governors during her career.

Arduin explains how the economic wedge is making health care more expensive and harming the quality of health care. She says more government involvement is not the answer and would actually drive the cost up and push medical care out of reach. According to Arduin, The debate should be about how can we bring the doctor/patient relationship back together?

Arduin addresses waste in our health care system and ways it can be reduced. She also explains why she feels that the plan Congress is debating, which would make government more responsible for managing and paying for health care of Americans, would add thousands of dollars to the cost of each persons health care in Missouri.

Among the solutions offered by Arduin and the report released by the Show Me Institute include replacing government-managed health programs with vouchers for the low-income, reforming medical malpractice laws to discourage defensive medicine and changing the tax code to encourage personal health insurance ownership.

More information about Donna Arduin at:

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