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Publication date: August 20 2012

MOVP Ed Martin Aug 2012

Attorney General Candidate Ed Martin Talks Federalism, Kosters Tax Controversy

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Martin Says Keep an Eye on Washington When Voting for Statewide Office Attorney General Candidate Talks Federalism, Kosters Tax Controversy


Hes outspoken, hes very conservative and he believes he can unseat current Attorney General Chris Koster in November.


Republican nominee Ed Martin says the statewide job isnt just about prosecuting seedy telemarketers, it should also work to keep the federal government in check.


In this interview with Mike Ferguson, Martin explains why he feels theres a national role for state attorneys general and why he doesnt want the battle over ObamaCare to stop with the recent US Supreme Court ruling that upheld it as Constitutional.


He also talks about current Attorney General Chris Kosters personal tax issues and explains why he believes that matters in this statewide race.




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Mike Ferguson Producer/Host - Missouri Viewpoints


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