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Publication date: August 26 2011

MOVP Program-1

Missouri Viewpoints First Radio Program Released

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“Missouri Viewpoints” First Radio Program Released.

(Columbia, MO) – What was Missouri’s best-known online public affairs show transitions into a radio program. “Missouri Viewpoints” first program is complete and available for radio stations to air.

The show has a back-to-school theme for the first episode. That timeliness will be one of the program’s assets in the months and years ahead. Producer and host Mike Ferguson interviews Shawn Marie Edgington, nutrition expert Dr. Catherine Peterson and blended-family expert Dan Snell.

Edgington is a best-selling author of The Parents’ Guide to Texting, Facebook and Social Media and discusses the warning signs of online harassment, cyber-bullying and “sexting” that parents need to watch for. She also offers tips on dealing with these problems if they occur to your child.

Dr. Peterson talks about back-to-school nutrition and how healthy breakfasts and lunches can improve your child’s success in the classroom. Even with the hectic school-year schedules, Peterson says you can make and pack easy, cheap and healthy meals.

Dan Snell is the founder of “The Bonded Family”, which supports and coaches blended (“step-“) families overcome the unique challenges of building a family after divorces that tore others apart. In our “Expert Viewpoints” segment, he answers questions from frustrated parents and young people and also discusses how friends and family of those in a step-family can help their blended family friends succeed.

“Missouri Viewpoints” also includes the “On The Money Minute” report from financial expert Steve Pomeranz and a one-minute devotional from Steve Troxel.


Edgington: http://www.shawnedgington.com/

Peterson: http://ns.missouri.edu/faculty_peterson.html

Snell: http://www.thebondedfamily.com/

General note to radio stations: This program is released for air on your station (outside of Columbia) under the following conditions: 1) it is aired in its entirety (except for commercial breaks, see note below) and 2) confirmation of broadcast is sent to Mike Ferguson at the contact information listed.

Specific note on commercial breaks: Four (4) minutes of commercial/promotion time is built into “Missouri Viewpoints”. This may be covered with local spots at no cost and at no obligation to “Missouri Viewpoints”, Mike Ferguson or Focal Point Communications.

“Missouri Viewpoints” is available to both commercial and non-profit stations.

For a rundown/time clock of the program, or to discuss adding “Missouri Viewpoints” to your programming, contact Mike Ferguson at mike@missouriviewpoints.com or 816.817.1817

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