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Publication date: August 28 2009

Common Cents: Educating the Youth of Missouri About Economics

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Common Cents: Educating Missouris Youth About Economics

Missouri Council for Economic Education Works to Prepare Young People for Their Financial Future


(Kansas City) All of Missouris schools teach basic subjects like math, science, history and English but one organization says more should be offered to fully prepare students for the decisions they will have to make as adults.

The Missouri Council for Economic Education and its affiliate Centers for Economic Education promote the inclusion of economics in K-12 education. The organizations President and CEO, Mike English, is the guest on this weeks program.

The Councils programs are offered to all schools in the state and about 100 take advantage of the materials now.

English says teaching basic economics now is important because equipping young people with an understanding of financial matters will help them both academically and allow them to make better decisions as adults: once they have that foundation of economics its going to make different subjects, even math, appear more clear and, once they graduate, theyll be more responsible citizens.

The realities of business and finance affect everyone, so students should be prepared. English added We often refer to [our society] as a competitive marketplace and when students are graduating and entering the workforce without understanding the marketplace, theyre at a competitive disadvantage.

The Missouri Council for Economic Education offers tools for both students and teachers on its website:

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