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Publication date: September 03 2012

MOVP Peter Kinder Aug 2012

Kinder Steps Up Pressure on “ObamaCare”, Disagrees with GOP Leaders on Car Tax Issue

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Kinder Steps Up Pressure on “ObamaCare”, Disagrees with GOP Leaders on Car Tax Issue

Lieutenant Governor Also Talks Right-To-Work and Income Taxes



He’s been the state’s second-highest elected official for eight years, and he’s hoping to make that 12.


Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder is running for a third term. He’s also led the legal Missouri-based challenges to both President Obama’s national health care law and, more recently, to Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s choice of words for a statewide ballot measure related to that law.


In this interview, Kinder discusses the latter and also talks about the economic policies he wants to see pursued in the Show Me State. That includes one area where he disagrees with some fellow Republicans.


On the web: http://peterkinder.com/


Note: Kinder’s Democratic opponent, former State Auditor Susan Montee, has been invited to be a guest on “Missouri Viewpoints”.


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