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Publication date: September 05 2011

MOVP Sept 05- show 3

Tax Credits, Airplanes and Cigarettes

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Missouri Viewpoints Program #3

Tax Credits, Airplanes and Cigarettes

(Columbia, MO) Lawmakers go back to work and your money is at stake. Is the plan to provide over $300-million in tax incentives to build the so-called China Hub air cargo hub in St. Louis an investment in the states economy or is it a waste of money?

We get two viewpoints on that. State Representative Shane Schoeller and Show Me Institute Policy Analyst Audrey Spalding join the program to talk about it. Schoeller has concerns but hasnt decided how hell vote yet. Spalding has made up her mind and she wants Schoeller, and every other lawmaker, to vote no. Shell tell us why.

Also, Springfield Doctor Jim Blaine says its never too late to stop smoking. Even if you are in your 50s or 60s or even your 70s, you can reclaim your health by kicking the habit. He has some tips for both older smokers and their loved ones who want to help them stop smoking.



Spalding/ Show Me Institute:

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