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Publication date: September 09 2011

MOVP Show 4 - Sept 09

Joplins Story, Clean Coal(?) and Strutting On the Runway to Fight Human Trafficking

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Missouri Viewpoints Program #4

Joplins Story, Clean Coal (?) and Strutting On the Runway to Fight Human Trafficking

(Columbia, MO) - The national media has left and the politicians dont make as many visits there, but the effort to rebuild Joplin has a long way to go. One way to remind Missourians of the need is to highlight the survivors.

Author Randy Turner is the co-author of 5:41: Stories from the Joplin Tornado. As Randy explains, the book documents many stories of sadness, strength and hope that remain after the storm.

Also, coal is an abundant and cheap source for electricity, but can it really be clean? The federal government is moving forward with several proposed regulations on emissions from coal. Steve Gates from the American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy says that will hurt the Show Me State.

Thats why the group is launching a Missouri Energy for Jobs Coalition. Gates explains why.

We wrap up the program with Nanette Ward and Elizabeth D'Agostino from the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition. They say human trafficking isnt just a real problem; its one we have here. They are behind a fashion show on the University of Missouri campus this Sunday (the 11th) to raise awareness and money to fight the problem.





Anti- Human Trafficking Efforts:

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