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Publication date: September 15 2007

Guest: Dr. Marge Williams, Superintendent Hickman Mills School District

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Interview with Hickman Mills School District Superintendent Dr

Interview with Hickman Mills School District Superintendent Dr. Marge Williams

No Child Left Behind Act and Missouri Education Funding Formula Discussed

Dr. Marge Williams says "public education is under attack" in a new interview with Mike Ferguson. She feels the current assessment system set up under the No Child Left Behind Act is unfair and does not give government and parents an accurate look at the progress public schools are making in Missouri.

Williams, the Superintendent of the Hickman Mills School District in Kansas City, also expressed her support for the lawsuit many districts have brought against the state, claiming that the current school funding formula is inadequate.

Despite a recent ruling against the districts, Dr. Williams supports having the case appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court.

TRT: 10:00

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