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Publication date: September 27 2012

Susan Montee Sept 27

Susan Montee Hopes To Increase the Role of Lt. Governor Office

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Should The Lt. Governor Have More Influence?

Susan Montee Hopes To Increase the Role of the Office


Light Gov is a nickname political pundits and news reporters often use privately to joke about the lack of influence the states second-highest office is perceived to have.


Its been that way for many years, both with Republican and Democratic Lieutenant Governors in Missouri.


Now, Democratic nominee for that office, Susan Montee, wants to change both the perception and the actual influence. Montee is a former Missouri State Auditor and former Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party.


In addition to increasing the role of the office, Montee takes on incumbent Peter Kinders focus on fighting the national health care law opponents call ObamaCare. She believes that doesnt have anything to do with the role of the Lieutenant Governor and explains why in this interview.


Montee also discusses the states tax credit system and how she wants to see the state set budget priorities.


Learn more about Susan Montee and her campaign at


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