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Publication date: October 07 2007

guest: State Rep. Brian Baker (R-123)

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Interview with State Representative Brian Baker (R-123rd District)

Interview with State Representative Brian Baker (R-123rd District)

Health care, education and illegal immigration were among the topics of conversation in an interview with State Representative Brian Baker.

Rep. Baker is from Belton and is currently serving his third term in the Legislature.

During the interview, Baker disputes Democrats claim that hundreds of thousands of Missourians have been thrown off state healthcare over the past three years, saying that reducing Medicaid fraud and people finding private health care account for parts of the reductions. He also discusses his view of what the governments role in health care should be.

During the interview, the subjects of the ongoing lawsuit against the state by many school districts over the current funding formula and the effects of the federal No Child Left Behind Act are also discussed.

Baker also talks about fellow Cass Countian Chris Kosters decision to leave the Republican Party and join the Democratic Party mid way through his first term in the State Senate.

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