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Publication date: November 19 2007

Bob Sullentrup, founder of Rock the

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Interview with Bob Sullentrup, Founder of Rock the Debates

Interview with Bob Sullentrup, Founder of "Rock the Debates"

Missouri is famous for being a "bell weather" state a snapshot of the political direction and feelings of the United States as a whole.

A new effort to change how Americans hear campaign messages is based in the Show Me State.

Bob Sullentrup, from St. Charles, is the founder of the "Rock the Debates" effort a campaign to get third party candidates and viable independent Presidential candidates included in the televised debates generally reserved for only the Republican and Democratic nominees. Sullentrup is also the national Secretary of the Libertarian Party and is a past chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party.

"Rock the Debates" volunteers have successfully questioned many of todays top Republican and Democratic candidates about their willingness to support the inclusion of other candidates into the debates. Several conversations and candidates responses are posted on the groups website.

Visit to learn more about the effort.

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